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A feline animal. Likes to eat catgrass.

A quote:

“But cat! You’ve got to start eating at some point!”

A literal block

The formatting of this paragraph is unaltered. !@#$%^&*

And this one too.

A simple table

A B A and B
False False False
True False False
False True False
True True True

Attention block:


Hey there. Watch out!



In this crazy world of ours [1], we experience anger and frustration.


According to Stewart et al. [stw], you are stupid.

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Section: The Beginning

Section: Testing

Just testing folks…

Subsection: More testing

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[stw]Stewart, John. “The Anthology of Human Stupidity”. 2nd Edition. Pengiun Random House. 1993.


[1]Crazy as defined by the individual in question.